Front Gardens, a blog series on improving kerb appeal

Front gardens are quite often neglected spaces that very rarely get any attention, yet they are the entrance to our homes and set the scene amongst other comparative properties on our streets and neighbour-hoods.

More time and money is invested in the rear garden of the property as that will be the place you will entertain in summer months, where kids will play safely and where you get away from the hum drum of everyday life. Those that do get attention will be a yearly tidy session and maybe cutting of the grass or cutting back of the creeper that has now grown over the front window.

Front Gardens, invest time and small changes

  • A property frontage is the first thing people see upon coming to your property
  • A visitor or home buyer will usually form an opinion of your property on how you keep your frontage and therefore the rest of the property
  • A well presented frontage will set you above your competition when marketing your property
  • Apart from clean windows and sills, an entrance needs to be welcoming
  • Front gardens play a massive part on the overall presentation of your property
  • Kerb appeal is also another factor you need to consider whether marketing.

In this series of blogs we will look at Front gardens, the good and the bad. We will identify a series of small changes which will provide a fresh approach on how you can make small subtle changes and improve your kerb appeal  and overall property finish.

Property 1. Front Garden, near Warwick

This new build property close to Warwick was a garden we did a while ago. The frontage had ivy growing on the front walls and was beginning to get tangled up in the guttering. Harbouring lots over wintering insects it was starting to cause quite a bit of damage. Ivy is a good evergreen plant, however it uses its tendrils to stick to the brickwork and will cause problems to a properties mortar work overtime this will be a costly exercise to put right and repointing of the property walls.

Front Gardens Warwick (Before) Front Gardens Warwick (Before) Front Gardens Warwick (Before) Front Gardens Warwick (Before)

The design was to give the frontage further interest,yet keep it it Low maintenance so it looks good all year round. The property owner did not wish to be a slave to their garden so using evergreen foliage keeps maintenance to a minimum

Front Gardens Warwick (After) Front Gardens Warwick (After) Front Gardens Warwick (After) Front Gardens Warwick (After)

The changes carried out

  • Addition of black painted trellis fixed to the walls to break up the brickwork
  • Planting of Blue flowering Wisterias, so eventually once trained they provide a mass of blue flowers for summer interest
  • Planting of Box hedging and feature topiary all evergreen to define a narrow bed of planting
  • A  weed supprresant membrane in the planting with thick bark mulch to reduce maintenance

A time scale of the above changes would equate to 2-3 weekends, from a maintenance point of view maximum 4 hours per annum to include a trimming of the box hedging once established and the application of slow release fertilizer to feed the planting for the next 12 months.

Contact us for your FREE Front Gardens appraisal / makeover consultation. Similar to the garden above we can provide ideas to help you make your home and entrance a welcoming return and improve your Kerb appeal.

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