Front Gardens – Creating kerb appeal for Home sellers

Front Gardens – Creating kerb appeal for Home sellers

Front Gardens  – Creating Kerb Appeal

Front of House

When it comes to selling your house, making a great first impression is key. The very first thing your buyer will see when they come to view your house will be the front garden or front of house. So its well worth investing a little time and money into sprucing up the front of the outside space.  Having said this, its important to remember that some buyers may not be confident gardeners, so while its a good idea to add colour and interest, it also needs to look simple and easy to maintain at the same time.

Whether you have an extensive front garden or just a small space, there is plenty you can do to cheer it up and make it welcoming. Here are some top tips and quick tricks to help you to boost your home’s kerb appeal.

Five Top Tips for Improving Kerb Appeal

1. Tidy any unruly shrubs or hedges

ClippingTo a potential buyer , an overgrown shrub may look like a daunting project. Not only does it look messy from the outside, but large shrubs and hedges can also block valuable natural daylight from inside the house. Avoid giving anything a really hard cut back or prune to bare wood (because that would look worse) but do give any shrubs or hedges an good clip into shape. Whether you have a large shrub or hedge out in the front or even a small box hedge, it’s amazing what a difference it makes to the overall tidiness of the garden. it create clean lines and structural shapes that freshly clipped shrubs can offer.

2. Tidy Climbers

Tidy climbersIf your selling your house in summer, any climbers that you have on your front wall or over the door such as roses, clematis, jasmine or wisteria, may have put on alot of growth or long whippy stems. Snip these or tie in any rogue stems and clip back any bushy foliage before the viewing. Make sure there aren’t any straggly stems dangling in front of the windows.

3. Control Ivy

Control IvyIvy can be very off putting to a potential buyer because its not good for brickwork or rendering. If you do have some ivy on the front of your house, its a good ideas to remove any stray creeping stems so that it looks under control. Don’t be tempted to to get too carried away though. Removing thick , established ivy can make the wall look tatty and might even damage some of the exterior rendering. So its best to just trim it so that its neat and leave it in place.

4. Add Pots of Colour

Add Pots of ColourIf you head to the garden centre at any time of the year, you’ll find that they ‘ve got all their best plants on display that are in full flower and looking their best. Snap up a few good sized flowering shrubs to add instant impact to your garden. Either plant them in your front borders or position them in containers close to your front door. The extra colour is not only pleasing to the eye, but it helps to give a good quick glance first impression and welcoming feel about the house.

5. A quick redesign

A quick redesignIf you have a very plain or neglected front garden, investing in getting it landscaped is a really good call. It doesn’t have to be a huge expenditure. It could be as simple as having the lawn area levelled and shaped with surrounding borders. Why not add a new pathway or paved area



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