Garden Makeover for a garden in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Garden Makeover

Banbury Gardeners are invited to tender for a garden makeover on Hanwell fields, Banbury. Present rear garden is laid with part paving and part tarmac with a garage carport / drive through across the rear of the property and extends out with a well worn lawn and shrubbery planting.

Garden makeover Hanwell Fields (Before) Garden makeover Hanwell Fields (Before) Garden makeover Hanwell Fields (Before) Garden makeover Hanwell Fields (Before) Garden makeover Hanwell Fields (Before)

New garden to feature relaying of existing patio paving and removal of tarmac to provide a full width patio. Addition of an Artificial grass lawn to the rear so it keeps the garden low maintenance. A feature raised bed in sleepers around the existing planting part way along side boundary and rear fence. A new 6ft Close board fence to the left boundary will finish this garden makeover on Hanwell fields, Banbury. Contact us for your FREE garden makeover consultation. We can provide ideas to make your garden Low maintenance and more enjoyable year round. We have a simple questionnaire we need to fill in and then we can bring your new garden to life.

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