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At Home Advice and Consultancy Visits

If you are looking for planting ideas, garden advice or you are considering having a garden design, then a Consultancy Visit from one of our experienced horticulturalists or garden designers can really help.  Meeting with you ‘on site’ and experiencing the garden first hand, enables us to provide much more specific advice. For those interested in design, this meeting can also form the first stage of  our Garden Design service


  • You will benefit from our Plant, Design and Landscaping experience
  • We can suggest ideas, ways and processes to move your garden forward
  • We can offer you 15% discount on your next plant purchase

What you need to do before the Visit

  • Set yourself a clear plan and objective of what you would like to talk about with us prior to our visit. Have you seen a garden, magazine article, press release or an item on social media that really sums up the effect and idea you would like in your garden.
  • Write notes on a preferred color scheme you would like and any additional features you would like your new garden to furnish.
  • The more information and ideas you can provide at this meeting the easier it makes our job of delivering a garden plan that meets your expectations.

The Consultation

  • We will sit down with you and go through all of your ideas and make notes whilst your discussing your ideas. We will also look at the garden if possible during this initial discussion.
  • We will then need to identify any areas of the garden which could pose problems and  complications and opportunities. At this point we will also begin to discuss potential ideas and solutions with you.
  • We will then begin taking further notes regarding your garden to include photographs, measurements, soil analysis and any other possible issues like drains and boundaries.

Post Consultation Visit

  • We will provide you with any relevant information, recommendations and / or cost options for your consideration regarding suggestive planting, design or landscaping ideas
  • We will also be happy to discuss in greater detail or even select a location at one of our growers / nurseries and we can oversee the selection of any plant order.
  • Please note: Sketches, Scaled drawings and Designs are NOT included in the cost of the consultancy service

What are the Costs?

There is a one off charge of £125.00 for this service ( subject to conditions)

  • Standard appointments are available up to 20 minute drive from Banbury, Oxfordshire. Appointments are booked from 11.30am – 5.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. Saturdays by special request bnly.
  • Appointments outside a 20 minute drive from Banbury will incur an extra charge subject to location. Please call for a confirmed cost outside of our standard coverage area.
  • The availability of appointments will vary with our present workload in the studio and garden builds presently underway.
  • The 15% plant discount will be for a single purchase of plants from www.banburygardeners.co.uk as a direct result of the At Home, Advice and Consultancy Visit

If you have a a clear idea of the work you require and would like to receive a costing and you don`t want to benefit from the Plant Discount then our landscaping team will be happy to provide you with a FREE no obligation estimate / quotation.

How To Book

For more information or to book your Home Advice Consultancy Visit please contact us or complete our online form to Request a Consultation