Who we are

Alexander John Garden Design & Maintenance, are proud to offer a Lawn care treatment service by Banbury Lawncare.

Banbury Lawncare have over 35 years experience in the commercial and domestic lawn care market.

  • We offer a professional and friendly bespoke service that will cater for all your lawn requirements.
  • We are NOT a franchise and treat all lawns on an individual basis.
  • We offer impartial advice and have a flexible approach to Lawn care.
  • We use Professional products that are proven in the market place

Our Services include

Feed and Weed Treatment 

  • We use a variety of slow release granular fertilisers that will contain all the nutrients required for healthy grass growth.
  • We use herbicides that are industry proven and are enviromentally safe to use
  • These treatments are specifically tailored to your conditions.

Liquid Feeding

  • We use fast acting and slow release feeds containing seaweed and trace elements

Moss control

  • We can treat moss at any time of the year with a mix of granular and liquid products


  • Scarification is the process of removing moss, dead grass and thatch from your lawn.

Top Dressings

  • Top dressings is a combined compost like loam often with a lawn seed used to level out a lawn to remove inconsistencies, humps, lumps and hollows therefore to create a lush level lawn.
  • Top dressings also help with germination of the combined lawn seed.


  • This process involves making holes in the lawn surface by removing stale carbon dioxide in the soil, reducing compaction and allowing rich oxygen into the soil thus stimulating and encouraging strong root growth.
  • We recommend that lawns should be aerated at least once a year.

Lawn Renovation

  • If you thought your lawn was beyond help or needed re-turfing, then we have a system in place to help. We use a combination of scarifying, topdressing and over seeding to restore your lawn back to health and vigour.

Turf Pests

  • We have a range of control measures to deal with Chafer grubs and Leather Jackets

Lawn Diseases

  • We can deal with turf diseases such as Red Thread, Fusarium Patch and Fairy rings

Mr Neal Carter is responsible for the maintenance and management of your lawn and its overall health. Neal can be contacted on 07977 000329 for FREE advice and to book a Lawn Consultation.

Alternatively you can fill in your details on this link and we will contact you directly

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Here`s what our Lawn customers have to say…..

Mrs  T.  Banbury

I had a well known company looking after my lawn & they ruined it. Since Neal Carter has been caring for it , it is much admired. He has improved it beyond all my expectations. I love a good lawn with stripes. I now have one. Family & friends admire it & I am very happy.

Mr A. Bloxham
Neal has been looking after and more importantly improving our lawns in Bloxham for the past 3 years now. Neal is honest, reliable and very knowledgeable with his lawn care service and the garden has improved immeasurably thanks to his service.