Alexander John Garden Design & Maintenance, are proud to offer a Lawn care treatment service. We treat in the commercial and domestic lawn care market.

  • We offer a professional and friendly bespoke service that will cater to all your lawn requirements.
  • We offer impartial advice and have a flexible approach to Lawn care.
  • We use Professional products that are proven in the market place

Feed and Weed Treatment 

  • We use a variety of slow-release granular fertilizers that will contain all the nutrients required for healthy grass growth.
  • We use herbicides that are industry proven and are environmentally safe to use
  • These treatments are specifically tailored to your conditions.

Liquid Feeding

  • We use fast-acting and slow-release feeds containing seaweed and trace elements

Moss control

  • We can treat moss at any time of the year with a mix of granular and liquid products


  • Scarification is the process of removing moss, dead grass, and thatch from your lawn.

Top Dressings

  • Top dressings are a combined compost like loam often with a lawn seed used to level out a lawn to remove inconsistencies, humps, lumps, and hollows, therefore, creating a lush level lawn.
  • Top dressings also help with the germination of the combined lawn seed.

Lawn Renovation

  • If you thought your lawn was beyond help or needed re-turfing, then we have a system in place to help. We use a combination of scarifying, topdressing, and overseeding to restore your lawn back to health and vigor

Lawn Diseases

  • We can deal with turf diseases such as Red Thread, Fusarium Patch and Fairy rings

We use multiple lawn care specialists who are all proven in their field in the domestic lawncare market with their own businesses rather than franchises. So why not book your FREE Lawn Consultation today. Call 01295 587165 / 07854 922597

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