Lawn care service treatment, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Why do we offer a Lawn care treatment Service?

For many a lawn is one of the most pivotal parts of a garden, its the main feature that brings the rest of the garden together. However just like any other part of the garden it needs maintenance, not just mowing. A healthy weed free lawn is key to keeping it in tip top condition. A good healthy lawn starts below ground level in the root / soil zone. Most lawns that we look after have had little in the way of maintenance, weeds have taken hold aswell as moss and thatch.

Lawn before works

This lawn is an example we will use to demonstrate our programme of treatments. The lawn is full of moss and thatch, drainage is poor and richness of colour is weak. Firstly we apply a Mosskill treatment to the whole of the lawn. This is left to work over a course of weeks. Eventually it turns the lawn brown and reveals where the predominance of moss is within the lawn. Elsewhere in the lawn is a strong prevalence of thatch.


lawn thatchThatch is a loose, intermingled organic layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface. Thatch build up begins when turf produces organic debris faster than it can be broken down. Typically, when thatch layers reach an inch or more, preventative practices won’t provide adequate control. In such cases, you must physically remove thatch. We do this with a scarifier (a pedestrian machine to rip up the dead material).


Lawn during Scarification

The lawn is then scarified with the scarifier, it has numerous passes made over it and in different directions in order to remove as much dead matter and debris as possible. This waste is then disposed as it not suitable for composting elsewhere in the garden.



Lawn after scarificationAfter raking up all the debris we apply a combined top dressing and seed over the new area. The secret is to ensure its kept moist and well watered after application. Ideally its best if this process is done just before forecasted rainfall to help water in the seed and dressing.



Lawn after 1st cutIn as little a 3-4 weeks after treatment, the new grass and lawn emerges looking as healthy and strong as it should be. This when the first cut would be carried out provided the grass is dry enough.




Lawn after 1st cut

We would then visit every 11 weeks thereafter as a rule and apply further treatments in order to keep the lawn healthy and weed free. Every lawn we treat is given a bespoke programme of care based on the current conditions of the garden. It is often more cost effective to have a lawn treatment service rather than completely re-turfing the whole lawn.



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