Broughton Road Garden Design & Build, Banbury

Broughton Road Garden Design & Build, Banbury


Banbury Gardeners have now commenced the garden design & build on Broughton road, Banbury, located close to the heart of the town. A north-facing garden which will be undergoing a rather substantial garden makeover.  The old garden was rather dated and the last area of the property the owners had not touched since doing internal works. The new garden will be Low maintenance yet act as a place for entertaining, relaxing and space where children can still play. Come back soon to see the completed garden.

New Key Garden Features

  • New turfed lawn with mowing edge
  • The existing climbing frame is given a new lease of life
  • Raised beds in sleepers with Evergreen and Shade-loving planting
  • Garden lighting throughout to make the garden useable during the evening hours for entertaining and Alfresco dining
  • Built-in Garden seating / Pergolas / Trellis screening / New Garden shed
  • Low maintenance planting for shady garden with fragrant planting for the evening hours.
  • Smooth Mint fossil sandstone paving to make the garden feel warmer and bigger

North facing Garden issue

North Facing gardens are always deemed a problematic oasis to fill with enough interest to make a garden more enjoyable to use. The biggest issues affecting many homeowners is light, shade, cold and wet areas and draughty wind tunnels. Most of these aspects can be dealt with a little ingenuity in order to make them as attractive as any other style garden. First of all the planting can be an issue to many non-gardeners. See below some topics that can help cover these issues.

Planting – Creating a planting scheme that is going to provide interest through the seasons can be tricky, however try looking at Evergreen or even variegated foliage. Good examples include Euonymus Silver Queen, Ilex Golden King and for more lower growing plants try Abelia grandiflora Francis Mason or Mahonia Charity. Other good plants to consider are Heuchera Marmalade and Plum pudding with its rich burgundy foliage. For winter flowering you can look at Clematis cirrhosas, We love Wisley Cream.with its white nodding bell like flowers

Draughts and Wind Tunnels – The use of Pergolas or trellis panels help to create windbreaks and these can then be used as climbing frames for climbing plants. We have already mentioned the Clematis Wisley Cream but also look at Hydrangea petiolaris and Rosa Mme Alfred carriere, recently we have had success using Rosa Banksiae lutea and alba on a north facing wall and the flowering has been incredible! 

Shade gardens – Shade gardens usually created through neighbouring over hanging trees, often the ground will be dry and little moisture, overcome this by creating raised beds and increase soil height so new planting has a good depth for its roots. Large leafy foliage plants do well here to include Hostas, Zantedeschias and even look at some of the Japanese mapless. We love Acer palmatum Senkaki with its rich vibrant coral coloured stems in winter but with lime green foliage in summer months.

Dry and Wet soils – we recommend the following plants for these areas for your garden. Geranium Rozanne, Hemerocallis Burning Daylight, Miscanthis sinensism, Rosa Rugosa Roserie de la hay and Elephants Ears (Bergenia cordifolia)

Garden Images prior to works commencing

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