Plan it, plant it. Autumn, natures natural time for planting

Plan it, Plant it, this Autumn

Autumn is natures natural time for planting. Apart from clearing falling leaves and fruit from gardens and lawns its also time for getting new plants in the garden. The bare root season has started. What is bare root? Bare root refers to all plants (usually Roses, trees, hedging) that have been field grown in various nursery beds all over the country. Its often cheaper to buy bare root plants at this time of the year rather than buying in pots. Small hedging plants, often referred to as Whips are usually sold either in singles of bunches of 10s. Expect to pay between £0.75 and £5.00 per plant. This is ideal if your looking to plant a hedge.

Bare root hedging plants

Root ball is another term used in the bare root season, where the plants have been dug up in the field and their roots have been wrapped in hessian sacking to keep the soil contained around their roots and prevent moisture loss. The bare root season usually commences from the end of October to the end of March and planting during this time is ideal provided the ground is not frozen. The winter wet will help the new plants establish quicker than planting mid summer when rain and moisture is a scarce commodity.

Root ball trees

Container grown plants can also be planted at this time of the year too and are easier to care for if planted in the autumn and winter period.Bare root and root ball should  be planted as soon as possible, however if its going to be a while before they are planted then its best to put them in a bucket of water until they can go in the ground. This will prevent the roots from drying out.

The following plants are best planted now for hedging in the bare root season.:

Beech (Green and Purple),Box, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Cherry, Crab Apple, Dogwood, Guelder rose, Hazel, Holly, Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, Laurel, Maple, Privet, Rosa, Snow berry, Spindle berry, Wayfaring tree, and Yew. Please see examples of these here on the website with their descriptions.

Contact us if you would like a FREE quotation or advice on suitable bare root hedging and trees would be suitable for your garden. We will happily source plants for your garden project. Boundary and garden hedges make an important habitat in the garden for many birds and creatures. Hedges can act as good windbreaks to filter a windy location within a garden and also help to divide a garden into different rooms. Six of the above examples are evergreen, so you can enjoy a foliage feel all year round in the garden. Ideal for a privacy screen.

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