Planting season begins

Natures natural time for planting has long been recognised as the autumn and winter months provided the ground is not frozen or covered in snow. This is the time of year when the moving of plants and shrubs from one part of the garden to a new area can be started.

Now the autumn leaves are falling we are well underway in getting gardens ready for the winter. The cutting back has begun in earnest. Its also a good time of year for cutting back and dividing perennials to make new plants. Plants for free. Good examples suitable for dividing include Day Lillies (Hemerocallis), Echinacea, Helenium, Pyrethruns and Veronicas. You can even start dividing most of the ornamental grasses.

Why divide herbaceous plants?

  • To produce more plants for FREE
  • To keep plants young and Vigourous
  • To ensure plants are less prone to diseases
  • To control the size of spreading plants
  • Plant firmly, treading the soil periodically , keep them well watered until well established

This is also  the start of the bare root season. Bare root basically means plants without pots. It is alot more cost effective to buy plants in bare root form at this time of the year. Good bare root stocks include most of the following:

  • Deciduous hedging to include: Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Beech, Field Maple, Rosa and Spindle berry. Holly in bare root form can also be purchased in this way including a number of the conifers including Yew, or even as root-balls, (wrapped in hessian)
  • Ornamental and Fruit trees are great for buying at this time of year
  • Soft Fruit – to include Raspberries, Blackberries and Currants.

Make sure that the roots are kept moist or healed into soil prior to planting to keep them going and reduce stress prior to planting.

Contact us for your FREE consultation to discuss your autumn planting requirements. We can provide numerous ideas to help you with your autumn and winter garden requirements.

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