Gardening in hard times (During Covid) – Easy to grow flowers Part 2

Gardening in hard times (During Covid) – Easy to grow flowers Part 2

The coronavirus and lockdown saw many people looking for easy to grow flowers once the UK had gone into full lockdown. Garden centres and DIY stores were closed and sources for buying flower seeds became scarce. Major online seed suppliers were inundated and had never seen so much interest in such a short space of time. 

Those that began to dabble wanted to start with easy to grow flowers. The peak of interest came from parents with young children at home. They needed something to keep their attention. Those with gardens were lucky as they had pockets of fresh air in their back gardens. The other bonus was the UK was enjoying warm temperatures and so the need for outside space to escape too was becoming a luxury. Garden centres were closed and people were turning to online shops in order to buy flowers for easy to grow flower seeds. Easy to plant flower seeds being one of the most sought search engine keywords.

Here we provide a list of the Top 10 flowers to grow should the UK be forced into another lockdown.

  1. Sweet Peas – grow from seed or plug plant
  2. Nigella Love in a mist – grow from seed
  3. Nasturtiums – grow from seed
  4. Marigolds – grow from seed
  5. Pansies – grow from seed or plug plant
  6. Aquilegia – grow from seed
  7. Californian poppy – grow from seed
  8. Hardy geranium – grow from seed
  9. Fuchsia – grow from plug plant
  10. Sunflower – grow from seed

Top Tip: Sunflower and Nigella seeds can be purchased from Wild bird food supplies or Pet shops if garden centres are closed

Easy to grow flowers

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