Banbury Gardeners are pleased to provide a garden lighting service to all customers. There is such a large selection of garden lighting we can now add to the garden and your property. We are pleased to provide numerous options to include:

  • Water gardens – Underwater lighting to light up a statue or show the pond off at night
  • Uplighters – Used within planting beds to create focal points of interest to Specimen trees or just to add atmosphere in the garden
  • Security Lighting – Lighting near doorways, driveway entrances, including garages and industrial units
  • Remote control lighting – All controlled from a simple remote control from the house without the need to run around flicking switches.
  • We can also provide numerous other light unit options to include; Outdoor Wall Lights, Plug and Play Lights, Floodlights,Porch Lights, Post and Bollard Lights, Lamp posts, Pedestal lights, Tile and Brick lights including recessed decking lighting, Sign lights, Stake lights, Garden Spotlights, Fairy and Festoon lighting.


Garden lighting Dorchester 

Contact us for your FREE garden lighting consultation. We can provide you with a whole selection of ideas to help you get the desired effect you are looking for. All work is carried out by a member of our team, a qualified electrician and up to date with present Part P registration and member of We also provide other electrical works at your home and business