Low Maintenance gardening is now a leading option that most customers desire most when they are looking at their outside space. Gardens today are smaller and with the presence of the virtual world at our finger tips our lives are so much more busier.

Low maintenance as the name suggests is where we can provide you with a garden that looks good all year round. Why get the mower out to cut the lawn when you can have an Artificial Lawn, (yes the Artificial lawn is here to stay). We have a colleague who is able to offer this service. Brilliant for pets and children alike.

With the low maintenance garden, come low maintenance plants. We can create a planting scheme, which will provide you with something in flower every month of the year, coloured foliage, stems, and flowers.

artificial lawn

Planting would be predominantly evergreen or variegated foliage, fallen leaves become a thing of the past, Fragrance possible. With climate changing the British garden is becoming more varied in its planting styles. Olive trees, tropical style plants, and other delicious wonders are now beginning to creep into the garden.

The higher maintenance plants like roses are still popular, on the larger gardens but with gardens being smaller now, and space a premium, container gardening has moved on. Raised beds for home grown produce is now a big favourite, raised beds being accessible for the disabled gardener are now available.

We can design a low maintenance garden to your needs and wishes, provide us with a colour scheme and we will do the rest. Micro irrigation is now available for the home gardener. You can now have a small irrigation system created that will look after your garden whilst you are on holiday or away on business. Just set the system up add a timer and leave it, safe in the knowledge that your garden will keep growing away.

Long gone are the days when you just used to pave or gravel over  the garden in order to make it more manageable. With careful planning the low maintenance garden can be just as colourful and enjoyable as your internal space.

To see if this is for you, then please get in touch and Contact us for a free consultation.