Banbury Courtyard Garden Makeover

Banbury Courtyard Garden Makeover


Banbury Gardeners are pleased to unveil this latest courtyard garden makeover located in the heart of Banbury. Small south-facing part sheltered garden with some matures trees and established shrubs already in place prior to work starting. This allowed us to create a new fresh design incorporating these already living features.  The old garden was tired and dated and needed a fresh approach with the view of creating interest from every angle. See the old garden images below.

Garden Images Before


The new garden is primarily low maintenance from the outset and Banbury Gardeners will provide an onward Garden Maintenance service twice per annum in order to keep the garden looking good. The new garden attributes are as follows:

  • A new Circular Pergola in one corner of the garden upon descending from the upper patio. The pergola provides a home and resting place for the original grapevine (Vitis vinifera Purpurea).
  • Below the new pergola, we have installed a circular deck built-in composite decking, to one corner a bench provides a welcome place to relax and reflect in the shade of the heat of the day.
  • The central part of the garden is a paved circle using tegula block paving in a charcoal shade.
  • Low brick wall beds radiate out from the center providing low maintenance all year round interest planting.
  • The raised beds are built in brick and feature a weed suppressant membrane and a 20mm gravel dressing to provide contrast and interest.
  • A central bed in the rear of garden features Old English shrub roses and other evergreen plantings. Furthermost beds are edged in Buxus sempervirens
  • On the rear fence a circular bed gives home to a new Hawthorn tree (Crataegus) as a landing spot for the visiting birds. The garden is a mecca for wild birds in general with frequent visitors being black caps, finches, tits and the occasional woodpecker.
  • A new small timber wallstore located on the left side of the garden so the owner can keep the most basis of garden tools and the bird food closeby to the feeders.
  • The fences were painted in a willow green shde to make the garden feel bigger and brighter. The fences aree clothed with Evergreen jasmine to provide scent and vertical interest.

Garden Images After


This was one of the most enjoyable small gardens to design, build and plant and even the landscape team enjoyed it too as it was something very different to what they are usually accustomed to doing. There were plenty of cuts to be done with the paving and the brickwork so focus was paramount.  We look forward to seeing how this garden matures and will followup with a second website post of this garden in a years time to see the differences and changes.The twice yearly maintenance service will include any necessary dead heading, pruning, trimming and shaping required. We will also be providing a slow release plant feed treatments through the seasons to keep the plants in optimum health. All plants that go into our full Garden Design & Build projects feature a 1 year guarantee and are replaced FREE of charge should this occur. We care about the future of our gardens and feel this is a small way of saying thankyou to our customers. If you would like to find out more about this garden and its planting scheme then please do get in touch using the contact form on the website with subject being Banbury Courtyard Planting scheme.

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